Cleaning Products for Dead Animal Odor

When an animal dies, its dead carcass starts producing such an offensively malodorous smell within a few minutes. This smell even gets worst when that dead body starts decomposing and then it may last for a long time. Along with smelling unpleasant, that odor of dead carcass of animals could produce various infectious diseases as well. Timely removal of dead animals is very necessary but in times if it gets late it would be the necessity to remove its odor too. Several home remedies work as the cleaning products for removing dead animal's smell but various chemical engineers have also produced innovative products for this regard. 

Home remedies:

Home remedies that play their part in removing the odor of dead carcass of the animals from your houses include; 

Soap and Water Mixture:

Cleaning the home with the mixture of liquid soap of high concentration and water can help in removing the odor of dead animals.


Vinegar contains acids in it, it could be very effective to remove dead animals' smell, and specifically, the apple cider vinegar is considered as the most effective in this regard.


Coffee beans when mixed in water or any other form also play its role in eliminating the dead animal odor.

Baking soda:

The water and baking soda mixture could be utilized to clean the place that produces the odor of dead animals. By cleaning that place with this mixture, the bad smell of dead animals will be disposed of.

Other Remedies

In cases when the above-mentioned remedies don't result to be very effective, these methods could be followed twice or thrice to produce good results.

Cleaning products:

Sanitation is the way by which the odor of dead bodies of animals could be removed. Few of the products introduced for the process of sanitation may be termed as;

Bac AZap odor eliminator: 

Among many products designed to eliminate dead animals odor, Bac Azap is considered the best. It removes the odor perfectly and also kills the germs.

Odor Hunter:

Odor hunter is the odor eliminator composed of enzymes that kills the stinky molecules by cleaning the place with those molecules.

Time Mist Aerosol Dispenser:

When the smell gets very stronger and difficult to get rid of, the time mist aerosol dispenser is considered the best option. As it eliminates the smell of large-sized or decomposed dead bodies as well, along with cleaning the place, it keeps releasing the air freshener till the complete removal of the smell.  

Charcoal briquettes:

Charcoal proves to be useful in solving many chaoses; disposal of dead animals odor is one of them. Charcoal briquettes are considered very valuable in this regard. 


If such a case arises, the removal of dead animals and the elimination of its odor should be your first priority. There are many home remedies and processed products available in the market to be used for this concern.

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